Painter, print maker, maker.
         Artist statement
         Fusing both conventional and self discovered painting and print making techniques,to create pieces               which possess a tangible and tactile quality.

         Subject is predominantly landscape driven, and references both topographical and symbolic forms.
         Never intended as site specific, instead, best described as portraying a reinvented retreat, one which
         offers solitude, protection, comfort and shelter.
         To be immersed fully within a landscape, is to be aware not only of a sensory visual, but also to be
         accepting of, and experience the visceral and elemental qualities which bind the surroundings
         I have attempted to emulate these qualities through a sequence of layering and over painting, to suggest
         traces of former occupancy, scraping away surfaces to reveal the partially hidden, and to define the act            of permanence through mark making, taking on the form of an intuitive, scored, non-corrective line.
         Collectively these processes not only present the viewer with a pictorial dialogue, but also offer a
         starting point to create their own narrative, in the search to find the particular place we all seek to find          from time to time.

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